LG Innotek produces 200-lx dual LED flash to enhance smartphone cameras

June 10, 2014
LG Innotek (CEO, Ung-Beom Lee) announced the launch of its proprietary dual light-emitting diode (LED) flash for smartphone cameras. This dual LED flash allows the camera to deliver the world best brightness and natural colors in their photos.

The dual LED flash is a light-emitting device with two high-output diodes. This device allows pictures to produce bright, natural hues even in low-lighting situations such as nighttime and indoors.

According to the company, the mass-production of the dual LED flash products had already begun since the previous month. The flash products are used in premium smartphone models "LG G3".

LG Innotek has applied the technology of the next-generation vertical LED chip design to the dual LED flash for smartphones. As a result, it boasts up to 200 lux, now positioned as one of the world's highest brightness for the smartphone flash. This represents 40% improvement in brightness versus previous products.

And LG Innotek uses two LED types with different color temperature, thus achieving optimal hues and accurate colors regardless of the shooting environment.

Color temperature refers to the color of light. Daylight color (such as sunlight) and fluorescent light is rated about 6000K (Kelvin), while yellowish light color like an incandescent lamp is about 2600K.

This dual LED flash is also augmented with a color rendering index (CRI) of 80. The CRI is a measure of a light source's ability to show object colors realistically or naturally compared to a reference source. Current LED flashes on the market have a CRI rating of 70 while natural light sources have a maximum CRI rating of 100.

In addition, thanks to the LG Innotek's light dispersion technology applied to the camera, the LED flash's bright light can be evenly dispersed over the camera subject.

"As consumers increasingly expect more from their smartphone cameras, the value of dual LED flash is also increasing. We're a manufacturer in the field of cutting-edge materials and parts, so we could make our LED technology converge with optics and heat dissipation mechanism to create this dual LED flash device, maximizing consumer satisfaction levels," an LG Innotek spokesperson said.

Because more and more consumers demand advanced camera functions for their smartphones, it is expected that the demand for enhanced LED flash will continue to rise.


LG Innotek
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