LUXeXceL develops LUX-Clear 3D printing material with 87.1% transmission for optics

June 10, 2014
LUX-Clear is a new material for 3D printed optics with high clarity

Starting immediately LUXeXceL offers a new transparant printable material: LUX-Clear.

From now on our customers can choose from 3 different materials to print their optics.

The LUXeXceL scientists are constantly working on growing and improving the range of materials we offer. The launch of the LUX-Clear material is a result from that work and there is more to follow!

Each of our materials vary in specifications:
- LUX Standard can be printed with very large substrate materials and has great precision, allowing for fantastic microstructures to be built up.
- LUX Standard+ is best suited for prototyping clear optical components.
- LUX-Clear is focused on transparency, reaching 87,1% total transmission.

"The selection of materials currently offered by LUXeXceL allows designers to customize each project, resulting in higher quality lighting," says CTO Joris Biskop. "During the coming period we will be adding more materials to our portfolio."

For a full material specifications overview, please check our material overview page at our website

As an introduction offer, on this page you can now request a free sample of our new LUX-Clear material

LUXeXceL Group offers services for Optics Design and Additive Manufacturing of Optics. Our process 3D prints optical structures and elements using industrial inkjet equipment. The results of the process are geometric or freeform shapes that may include transparent prisms or lenses. Optical quality surfaces are achieved with no post processing. Printoptical Technology© avoids complicated and costly conventional processes, avoids inventory and potentially obsolete stock and shortens the time to market for your new product.


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