MaxMile Technologies' EpiEL system tests LED wafers up to 12 inches in production line

June 10, 2014
MaxMile Technologies, LLC at Austin, TX has released a new generation EpiEL system designed to meet mass production needs of the LED industry. The new EpiEL system includes (1) Robot I or Robot II system platform, (2) EL/PL combination test capability, (3) new ultra-low noise-internal electronics, and (4) Version 3.5 system software.

MaxMile Robot I System is a fully integrated, compact wafer test platform complete with wafer transportation robot, wafer aligner, wafer clamping robot, and a cassette station. At a default configuration, MaxMile Robot I system can handle wafer size from 2" to 8" without any hardware change. It has an option to support wafer size up to 12" to meet demanding needs from the industry.

The new EpiEL system software can reduce the influence of EpiEL probe variation, and different kinds of device LIV can be closely simulated and extracted. Consequently the extracted device LIV gives out much better test performance than previous system software.

MaxMile Technologies, LLC is a developer and manufacturer of semiconductor test & measurement equipment, emphasizing on nondestructive testing or evaluation (NDT or NDE). MaxMile EpiEL system is a virtual LED device fabrication & characterization system which can be used to measure LED device parameters directly on epiwafers. Without any costly and time-consuming device fabrication, EpiEL reveals not only the electro-luminescence (EL) but also various electrical properties of the material.


MaxMile Technologies, LLC
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