Mean Well develops multiple-stage constant-current output LED power supply

June 19, 2014
After releasing the 40W LCM-40(DA) and the 60W LCM-60(DA) series, MEAN WELL extends downward to the new 25W multiple-stage constant current output LED power supply, LCM-25(DA), to meet the demands of intelligent LED lighting control and to provide a lower wattage power solution for project style lighting design.
Exploiting the "constant current output (C.C.)" design, the output current level can be flexibly selected via the built-in DIP switch by users. The basic model, LCM-25 is designed with the built-in 2 in 1 dimming function (0~10Vdc and PWM signal), whereas the digital control model, LCM-25DA, is equipped with the DALI interface and push dimming function. These launched units can fulfill the increasing needs of intelligent digital dimming applications. Accepting 180~277VAC input and the built-in two stage PFC function, LCM-25(DA) series observes the harmonic current limitation per EN61000-3-2 Class C (greater than 50% load). In addition, it possesses 2kV heavy-industry level surge immunity capability between Line and Neutral, following the related luminary requirements.

With the new generation electric circuit topology, LCM-25(DA) provides the efficiency up to 86%, so it can be cooled by free air convection from -30° to +60° ambient temperature. This series is designed with the synchronization dimming function that up to 10 drivers can be controlled synchronously to make the dimming control signals of the LED lighting system with multiple lighting fixtures consistent. LCM-25(DA) is a rectangular and low-profile (23mm) plastic enclosed power supply. Different from the general design with input at the front and output at the rear, the I/O connection of this new model is on the same side, which allows system designers to sufficiently take use of the limited space when wiring and installing the units. Other standard functions encompass Class II design (no FG), protections for short circuit and over temperature. LDM-25(DA) is certified with various international lighting safety regulations such as UL8750, ENEC EN61347-2-13, and EN62384. LCM-25DA is also complied with IEC62386-101, 102, 207 norms per DALI lighting control systems. Suitable applications include LED commercial lighting, LED office lighting, indoor LED decorative lighting, and etc.


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