LEDKE Display launches IP66-rated flexible Arch series LED screens for indoor and outdoor displays

June 9, 2014
LEDKE Display, Shenzhen China, is a professional smart LED display supplier; its aim is to supply clients with smart and customized LED displays. Recently, the company launched a flexible screen series named Arch, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The Arch series is composed by pixels, each pixel with SMD3535 LED that is packed in plastic suite and makes it waterproof. The top of the pixel is covered by transparent and arched cover, which scatters the light. The pixels line up for strings, and strings are fixed by bars on the back to form a video screen. The Arch series can be bent and rolled, suitable for stage backgrounds, night clubs, events and other occasions which need flexible and high transparent rate screens.

The Arch flexible LED display features:
1) With arched cover for better scattering.
2) High transparency rate 50%-80%.
3) Super light weight.
4) Ultra-thin as whole screen less than 33mm.
5) IP66, available for outdoor using.
6) Flexible screen can be folded as double side display.
7) Very soft, can be rolled, bend, fold and swing, etc.
8) Easy to install and dismantle without tools.
9) Single pixel replacement possible.
10) PC material, flame retardant, scratch resistant, resistant to low and high temperatures.


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