Color Vision's 60W LED downlight fits various commercial lighting applications

June 1, 2014

Are you still wondering where can you buy an environmentally friendly LED down light? Color Vision makes reliable LED/MLED lighting products for you. We are glad to announce our new 60W LED down light on the market today.

Product Features: 1. Patented heat-sink structure design combines with high-efficiency heat conductivity LED module to increase lifespan and luminaire performance over other models. 2. With multi-chip packaging in a single aluminum module board, light source is significantly more stable than the traditional lamp. 3. Provides a smaller size and lighter weight for easier lighting installation. 4. No UV or IR radiation, or harmful substances such as lead are included. Available Models: 60W - 30W - 20W - 15W - 10W Efficiency: 100lm / watt Driver: External power CRI (color rendering): Ra 90 CCT (color temperature): Standard 3000K / 4200K / 5500K Customized color for any ranges requirements Applications: Gallery, museum, commercial place/business office, hotel, performance stage, music/theatre hall, restaurant, coffee shop, shopping mall...and so on.


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