IOTA constant power LED battery packs now feature Class 2 output

Sept. 16, 2014
IOTA Constant Power LED Battery Packs are now UL1310, Class 2 Output compliant. The Class 2 output of the IOTA ILB-CP Series allows operation of LED arrays from 10-60 volts, and features auto-sense capability that automatically adjusts the forward voltage to accommodate load fluctuations caused by age, temperature, or component variances.

In addition to the Class 2 output and constant power performance of the ILB-CP Series, which provides constant emergency illumination levels with no degradation during emergency operation, the versatile ILB-CP design features improved circuit efficiencies for decreased power consumption, improved thermal performance, and overall efficiency gains to support your DLC certification programs.

IOTA’s ILB-CP Series models offer designs for 5, 7, 10, or 12 watt applications, with several mounting styles for accommodating individual fixture requirements, and are covered under IOTA’s 5-year warranty.


Jeff Price - IOTA Engineering

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