Khatod and Momentive Performance Materials cooperate in development of silicone lenses for LED applications

Sept. 15, 2014
Khatod did an encore! Two years ago, first in the industry, Khatod introduced PL50SIL, the first TIR lens made of silicone for high brightness LEDs. Today, Khatod was first to launch on the market The World's First Range of SILICONE LENSES FOR HB & COB LEDs, a totally new design by Khatod.
*SIO3 SILICONE LENSES are protected by Italian Patent Application and scheduled patent extensions.

Light+Building 2014 event, in Frankfurt, was the first showcase for Khatod to introduce SIO3 Lenses, a full range of optics suitable for the most popular HB and COB LEDs, made of Ultra Clear Silicone, realized in Free Form, and currently available in 5 beam angles. Additional 3 models are coming soon.
New optical techniques allowing to sharpen extreme angles and elaborate specific geometries have been developed in order to make this innovative lenses able to achieve a superior optical refractive index, while delivering an optical performance level perfectly complying with the optical efficiency requirements posed by the HB and COB LEDs of latest generation.

"Designing and realizing such lenses was not an easy task: specific optical geometries, edges, curvatures... any and each parameter was evaluated with the utmost care. The mould was engineered and realized under tight tolerances and a precision I don’t hesitate to define extreme, under 1 ?m . The silicone is injected in liquid form inside the mould. Any failure to meet certain conditions would cause filtering of unwanted material. Also, cold injection molding process needs a specific equipment, considerably different from the traditional systems: tooling must be of the utmost accuracy, and the mixing process conditions must be created perfect in order to meet the typical requirements of the silicone selected. The slightest inattention would have totally undermined the realization of the project.” said Luca Meneghetti, Khatod Technical Director.

“Khatod’s philosophy resides in believing in our ideas and in doing our best to implement them, always in the wake of innovation. But, it is equally most important never to lose sight of what innovation means. Innovation is not the product born from the mind of a single ingenious person. It is always the result of a collaborative process among individuals who have the same vision and believe in their ideas.” said Giuseppe Vasta, Khatod President.

The synergy with world leaders of the industry, each for their own specialties, has led to the realization of SIO3 Silicone Lenses, one of the most important innovations in the Solid State Lighting.
Khatod imagined, designed and engineered the project by realizing the optical and mechanical design and the mould fabrication.
By cooperating with Arburg, leading manufacturer of injection moulding machinery and our traditional supplier, Khatod perfected a specific transformation process enabling to realize these exclusive silicone optics.

Another major step was selecting the best material for this unique project. To help determine a suitable material, Khatod contacted Momentive Performance Materials Inc. (Momentive), a global leader in silicones and advanced materials. Momentive accepted the Khatod project, confident they could provide a silicone solution for the manufacturing of optics for Solid State Lighting.

"This application is very technical—anything but standard. Khatod was searching for a material able to comply with the various optical, mechanical and moulding process requirements needed for the realization of these unique, high-performance optics. After careful analysis and numerous laboratory tests, Khatod determined that our Ultra Clear Silopren** LSR 7000 liquid silicone rubber series was an ideal match,” said Giuseppe Velzi, Account Manager, Momentive Performance Materials, Italy.

“Our new Ultra Clear Silopren LSR 7000 series is comprised of excellent candidates to consider for technically-demanding applications like the Khatod project, where plastics like PC or PMMA are limited by physical and optical properties. The LSR 7000 product family can maintain high transparency over a wide range of wavelengths; resist long-term temperatures up to 150°C; withstand temperature peaks up to 200°C; provide excellent resistance against UV light; offer homogenous optical properties in thick wall sections; and defend against micro cracks after climatic changes and temperature shocks. Proven to exceed many optical and mechanical requirements, the LSR 7000 series offers freedom of design without optical defects for complex, high-precision parts,” reported Heiko Bayerl, Marketing Manager, Europe, Momentive Performance Materials, Germany.

SIO3 SILICONE LENSES from Khatod are optimized for most popular HB LEDs and COB LEDs.
Designed for Street Light applications, comply with IESNA Standards: Type I - Type II - Type III - Type IV - Type V, Short or Medium light distribution depending on the LED used; and ME3a requirements.
Excellent in any application in Wide Area Lighting, Outdoor and Indoor, preserve and enhance the typical characteristics of silicone.

Many new applications using SiO3 Lenses are currently under test at several of our customers and potential customers operating in Street Lighting. The first-hand comments from these specialists quote verbatim:
“We are impressed with the high optical performance of the lenses and the ease of installation. A couple of lenses are sufficient to make a head pole, no need to use a glass protection or an IP gasket. We’re expecting they will reduce significantly maintenance and service expenses in street lighting.”

“Soon, we will update you on the installations carried out by our customers. In the meantime, I can only say that the results I am now getting with SIO3 Lenses are simply stunning.” concluded Giuseppe Vasta, Khatod President.

Visit to learn about Khatod SIO3 Silicone Lenses and do not hesitate to contact us for any information you may need.

About Khatod:
Khatod lenses have made their mark in the LED Industry for over 25 years.
Unique on the international scene, Khatod holds all of its operations 100% in house (Milano, Italy), from initial design to time to market: Optical Systems, Optics for SSL, HB, COB LEDs applications, Custom Optics, Components.

*SIO3 SILICONE LENSES are protected by Italian Patent Application and scheduled patent extensions. For further information please refer to the IP quote at the bottom of Khatod homepage.
**Silopren is a trademark of Momentive Performance Materials Inc.


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