Fraen develops optics with multi-TIR nested lens technology for COB LEDs

Sept. 5, 2014

READING, Mass. -- Fraen Corporation has recently expanded its leading edge product offering of standard optical products to include their new Multi-TIR Nested Lens Technology for COB LEDs.

Fraen’s low profile, multi-TIR nested lens delivers narrow beam lighting when used with a variety of Chip-On-Board (COB) LEDs. The Patent Pending technology allows the optic height to be reduced significantly (when compared to reflectors with similar optical performance) while delivering maximum on-axis intensity with reduced spill. Fraen’s Patent Pending nested TIR lens technology is the ideal solution for COB LED applications, especially where narrow beam illumination patterns are required. The relatively compact design produces a highly efficient well collimated beam, which cannot be achieved with current optical solutions such as standard TIRs and Reflectors. Other key benefits are: full control of the entire COB LED radiation pattern to put spilled/wasted light into the center beam (higher center-beam candela per lumen and reduced off-axis glare); and reduced overall optic height, to reduce cost and weight, and to allow reduced luminaire thickness and/or space for driver electronics and heat-sink volume. Samples of this new technology are now available. Please contact Scott Grzenda at [email protected] for information about pricing and availability. About Fraen Corporation Fraen Corporation specializes in the design, development and manufacture of optics for high-powered LEDs. Fraen offers a wide range of standard products for all major LED makers as well as custom optic design services. Fraen’s other businesses include its Custom Manufacturing Division, which specializes in lighted plastic automotive interior components and complex metal fabrication; and Fraen Machining Corporation, which manufactures precision-turned metal components.


Scott Grzenda, Sales Manager - Fraen Corporation


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