ACC Silicones details specialty silicone materials for LED production in new guide

Sept. 5, 2014
ACC Silicones have been actively supplying and developing specialist silicone materials used in all areas of LED production, including encapsulants, gels, adhesives, coatings and thermally conductive compounds.

To aid the design engineer make an initial product selection for his application, ACC Silicones have produced a simple yet effective two page A4 flyer. This guide features a comprehensive product guide listing the key physical properties of each silicone material. Silicones make the ideal partner for LED production as they remain flexible at high temperatures, improve heat dissipation from the LED to heat sink, provide environmental protection and improve light transmission.

ACC Silicones have made this new guide available in 5 languages.

For your copy please visit and down load the PDF.


Chris Dawson, Marketing Manager - ACC Silicones Europe

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