Kenall adds 1x4-ft surgical LED luminaire with application-optimized green spectrum option

Sept. 18, 2014
Gurnee, IL – Kenall Manufacturing, a leading provider of commercial lighting solutions, has expanded its MedMaster™ M4 product line with a new 1'×4' surgical suite luminaire. The luminaire extends the M4 product line – currently available with 2'×2' and 2'×4' white and green LED options – providing more flexibility when designing lighting for the surgical suite.

Features of the MedMaster M4 Series include:
• Three sizes available to optimize layout, energy consumption and cost
1'×4' – 40W & 80W
2'×2' – 43W & 86W
2'×4' – 43W & 129W
• High performance LEDs deliver efficient and effective light levels
• Three all-LED configurations available: White, White & Green, or Green
3000K, 3500K, 4000K & 5000K
• 70 CRI, 80 CRI, and 90 CRI options available Optional application optimized
green LED spectrum for increased visual acuity with no transmission loss
due to filters
• Sealed for infection control
• NSF2 listing supports ease of maintenance
• IP65 listed per IEC 60598 ensures ingress protection against contaminants
• Certified to MIL STD 461F ensuring safe levels of EMI
• Universal grid-flange field installation flexibility
• 87,000 hr LED lifetime
• Available battery backup

This sealed enclosure surgical suite product line meets the needs of the operating room manager, surgeon, hospital staff and their patients by optimizing light levels throughout the room while reducing both upfront and ongoing costs.

An optional green LED lamp circuit, available in all fixture sizes, produces a deeply saturated green light in the most efficient possible way to reduce operating costs and improve clinical outcomes.

Key Clinical Benefits of Green LED:
• Reduction of monitor glare caused by bright overhead lights
• Supports high visual acuity within the surgical field
• Provides ability to shift view between different levels of illumination (monitors, inside the surgical field, outside the surgical field) with minimal impact

For additional information, please download Kenall's MedMaster M4 LED brochure and MedMaster M4 sell sheet from the literature section of the Kenall website at

About Kenall Manufacturing
Since its inception in 1963, Kenall has been known for superior quality, exceptional value, and durable solutions, and it is proud to provide sealed lighting for containment or clean spaces, security lighting for detention facilities, and specialized healthcare and transportation applications. Kenall products are designed and manufactured in the USA and meet the guidelines established under the Buy American Act and the North American Free Trade Agreement.


Heather Lowry - Kenall Manufacturing

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