Leading Edge Design Group brings intelligent lighting system to Dartmouth's Leverone Fieldhouse

Sept. 8, 2014

ENFIELD, NH -- Dartmouth College is in the final stages of implementing an Intelligent LED lighting and advanced wireless control solution that will have a dramatic impact on the functionality and costs of Leverone Field House.

The previous lighting system at Leverone matched what is typically found in field house facilities - 1000W metal halide hi bay light fixtures that ran at 100 percent output whenever the space was occupied. Keypad stations at each entrance allowed occupants to turn lights on, but the limitations of the metal halide system forced users to wait for the lights to come up to full power. With a connected lighting load of 151.364 kW, the lighting system at Leverone cost Dartmouth $68,566.00 to operate last year. To decrease the facility’s energy consumption and improve the functionality of its lighting system, Leading Edge Design Group designed an intelligent, fully automated LED lighting and control system for the field house. Each fixture has integral occupancy sensor and daylight harvesters that communicate wirelessly throughout the lighting system network. The system will reduce the annual energy consumption in Leverone by 482,300 kWh and save Dartmouth more than $50,000 per year. The system will be configured with lighting profiles to accommodate the daily activities in the field house and will be programmed for specified event profiles to optimize light levels based on the requirements of the event. For example, when Leverone hosts track and field events, a single button will instruct the lighting system to increase light levels on the track surface based on NCAA guidelines. “The new lighting system is completely automated, which allows lights to come on automatically upon motion to prescribed light levels or to be set to a specific lighting profile to accommodate specific functions, activities etc. And the light system has power monitoring capabilities that verify actual energy usage,”said Jay Boucher, Principal at LEDG. “We are pleased to be able to provide Dartmouth with a sustainable solution that is customized to the specific needs of their field house. I applaud their commitment to investing in such cutting edge technology and appreciate their faith in Leading Edge Design Group to provide them with a turnkey solution that best meets their needs.” ABOUT LEADING EDGE DESIGN GROUP Leading Edge Design Group is a leading national provider of energy optimization services that delivers significant energy savings to the public and private marketplaces through efficient data center designs and emerging LED lighting and wireless lighting control technologies. Founded in 2007 with the goal of pursuing, promoting, and providing the finest energy optimization solutions available, we help our customers minimize the environmental impact of their businesses while improving operational reliability and reducing costs. Leading Edge Design Group is dedicated to encouraging, challenging, and contributing to energy industry innovation with an ongoing commitment to our community and our environment. Visit us at http://www.ledesigngroup.com, review our work in the photo gallery, and connect with us on Twitter @ledesigngroup.


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