LeDiamond releases multicolor COB LED modules for retail and specialty lighting effects

Sept. 24, 2014
LeDiamond Opto Corp. has announced the development of Multi-Color LED modules. Multi-Color includes Red, Amber, Green, Blue and CCT2200k, also other colors.

Multi-Color module creates Mood lighting/Special lighting environments, which brings the concept of flexible lighting into the world of retail, making spaces more effective and meaningful. The mood can be changed constantly to keep pace with the new collections and trends.

The selection of the lighting color or CCT can also be adjusted according to the needs of the designer.

The characteristics of the double side emitting LED reduce the total internal reflection in package, also increasing the light output efficiency. The external quantum efficiency increases more than 10% of the lighting extraction compared to the traditional LED package.

- External Dimensions 14.6 X 4.5 X 1.1mm
- Internal Structure: Transparent Ceramic Base Chip on Board
- Luminous Flux:
Red 70lm @ 40mA
Amber 80lm @ 40mA
Green 120lm @ 40mA
Blue 20lm @ 40mA
- Thermal Resistance:
Red, Amber and Green 8 °C/W
Blue 6°C/W
- RoHS Compliant


Alan Hsiao - LeDiamond Opto Corp.

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