Elster Solutions teams with DimOnOff for smart street lighting

Nov. 18, 2014
Collaboration adds roadway, street and area lighting management to Elster Smart City portfolio

RALEIGH, NC – Elster Solutions, a market leader in Smart Grid and Energy Management Solutions, is proud to announce that it has entered into an agreement to resell DimOnOff smart lighting solutions. DimOnOff, Inc. is a leader in wireless lighting control and monitoring systems headquartered in Quebec, Canada.

DimOnOff’s technology allows cities and municipalities to radically reduce and control energy consumption and maintenance costs of lighting while delivering security benefits to streets, roadways, parking lots and other areas. With this solution, LED solid state lighting can easily be adjusted according to various factors including brightness and time. Controllable light fixtures can also contribute to demand response programs to help shave demand peaks.

“Under this agreement, Elster will become a one stop shop for Smart City solutions, with the street and area lighting controls as well as smart grid and AMI solutions,” said Mark Fronmuller, Elster Solutions President. “We are pleased to offer this innovative and well proven technology to our customers.”

“Elster is a world-leader in metering solutions. DimOnOff’s street lighting control metering and monitoring solution fits perfectly with Elster’s offering to optimize their cities and municipal installed-base. Our joint solution enables even more data acquisition of the electrical assets as well as the ability to monitor and meter the lighting assets, and brings the most advanced platform for real-time control and monitoring to utility demand response programs. Together, we are clearly building an all-star team,” said Bernard Têtu, DimOnOff President

“The City of Mississauga is installing DimOnOff’s adaptive controls in our 50,000 LED street light network and we are very pleased with the functionality of the system. The metering system within each node is accepted by our local hydro as an energy meter for billing purposes” said Eric Menezes, Streetlighting Supervisor at the City of Mississauga.

Under Elster, the smart lighting technology will be called Elster Lighting Intelligence (ELI). With a built-in electrical meter in every light fixture control module, ELI is a natural complement to Elster’s metering business. The offering includes a largely-scalable GIS & Data acquisition software platform, rollout management tools and sensor and control hardware.

The standalone ELI solution can easily extend beyond the lighting infrastructure to include other additional complementary services such as 911 call location identification, evacuation route signaling, pole tilt alerts, and service door tampering. In addition, smart cities plans may include other devices, sensors and controllers such as sewer level sensors, air pollution sensors, and open parking spot sensors. ELI’s location on an elevated pole near homes and commercial districts enables a strong communications network and good visibility to accommodate many smart city plans.

About Elster
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