UV LED Curing Community announces expansion to 20 member companies

Nov. 18, 2014
UV LED Curing Community has announced that 20 companies, from around the world, have joined the Community. These new members include suppliers of materials, resins, photo-initiators, adhesives, inks, coatings, equipment, measurement, and end-systems. These companies have the common goal of accelerating UV LED curing technology adoption through education and knowledge sharing. Visit uvledcommunity.org to become a member today (membership is free to qualified suppliers and end users of LED technology).

The Community website is an educational forum that enables market participants to share their knowledge of UV LED curing technologies, applications and chemistry, to share news and exchange information.

The Community has two primary goals:
To provide a forum for UV LED curing conversations, and
To foster communication between suppliers and consumers of UV LED solutions

“We are very pleased, but not surprised by the growth of the web site” says the site editor Paul Mills. “To a large extent the trajectory of the site mirrors the excitement and success of UV LEDs in the marketplace. We are happy to see the high quality of members that are joining us, including members that have a strong reputation in UV curing in general. It signals that LED curing has gained recognition as a technology. To date we have posted more than 125 industry articles on LED curing, and we are looking forward to our members contributing to the unique content of the UV LED Community by providing news, technical articles, and in joining the active discussion about UV LED applications.”

UV LED curing delivers multiple benefits; from new advanced technical capabilities and improved operating economics, to increased environmental benefits.

About the Community
The Community is free to join with a simple agreement to post two articles in a twelve month span and provide a landing page on their corporate website. Please contact us at [email protected].


Paul Mills - UV LED Curing Community

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