32 Hundred Lighting 'paints' Brisbane, Australia with LED light for G20 Summit

Nov. 17, 2014
The world was not only watching Brisbane as it hosted the G20 summit, it also had a chance to paint the city from any corner of the globe.

32 Hundred Lighting, the team of lighting wizards who have made Australia their canvas for countless spectacular events, have pushed the design envelope even further with an app that allowed citizens all over the world to colour the Queensland capital as part of the G20 Cultural celebrations.

It is one of several design advances made by 32 Hundred Lighting Managing Director Iain Reed and Systems and Design Engineer Martin Bevz in their quest to make Brisbane the brightest show on earth with the eyes of the world upon it. Reed and Bevz have once again proven that lighting is an art form that captivates people in a way that a gallery of paintings never could.

"The beauty of Brisbane Paint Your City is the interactivity," says Reed. "There are 15 buildings plus the Story Bridge that can all be designed from an interactive touch screen or through the web app. "But people aren't limited to just painting, they can decorate. We've created a range of effects like strips and waves and random elements that run through the buildings to give it animation."

Bevz says the dramatic light-up has allowed Brisbane to see its city in a new light. "People are loving what happens when the city comes alight," says Bevz. "They see these buildings every day and they're just boring brown and this has completely changed the way they look at them." One of the capital's least loved structures, the Executive Annexe, was the most densely lit and popped with 32 colour etchings.

Along the Brisbane River from the Gateway Bridge to Queensland University of Technology, 20 City Cat Ferries strung with LEDS created a kaleidoscope of colour on the water using geo-fenced technology. As the Cats made their way from the city to the suburbs the muddy brown river was transformed into a Mondrian-like canvas.

Reed and Bevz are together pushing lighting art and technology ever further and with development of this latest software they have an app that can be used on any building or structure anywhere in the world and activated remotely as well. For Reed, lighting is a life-long fascination that began in theatre, before moving on to television, events, expos and shows. He has lit the Sydney Harbour Bridge red for World Aids Day, created its 75th birthday light show and sat atop the arches for countless New Years Eve celebrations.

There's little chance that people's love of this new and emerging art form will lose its glow any time soon. The technology and LED lights that are making Brisbane sparkle may be 21st century modern but the fascination with light is as old as humanity itself.

Paint Your City was live and interactive until November 16.

Brisbane buildings included:
Quay Central
Mercure Hotel
State Law Building
Brisbane Square
Treasury Casino & Hotel
Old State Library
Treasury Hotel
111 George St
63 George St
Mineral House
Neville Bonner Building
Metro 21
Parliamentary Annexe
Parliament House
+ Story Bridge
+ 20 City Cat ferries changing colour.

The Hardware
150 high power Philips colour reaches
200 custom high output led cans
60 colourblasts
1/2 million sqm wireless network
2 custom in-house coded applications
2custom interactive touch screens
40m tape for each City Cats
Geo-fence technology


Philip Engelberts - for 32 Hundred Lighting
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