Swedish light-source developer Aluwave establishes LED module production site in China

Nov. 7, 2014
Aluwave AB establishes a production site for its customized LED modules in China through a new company, Qingdao Aluwave Lighting Technology Ltd. The decision is based on the fact that several existing multinational customers with global operations have sought local deliveries to their assembly sites in China.

”We simply adapt our operation to our customers’ needs. In a close cooperation with our global customers, we do our best to offer the most efficient distribution for all parties”, says Jonas Stålhandske, CEO at Aluwave. He continues;

”This is also a logical step for Aluwave right now as both the size and the scope of our business are growing. Already today, we purchase goods in China to the LED lightings we design on behalf of our customers. Now we establish a formal Aluwave hub in the country, where we can re-use our experience and quality control in LED based production to efficiently run our Chinese operation.”

The new Aluwave company in China is now officially started and the first deliveries are taking place in late 2014. The LED solutions that are produced in Qingdao are designed and quality assured by the Swedish Aluwave organization.

In 2011, Aluwave AB started an in-house production of customized LED modules in its facilities in Mölndal, Sweden. The existing production site in Sweden, including surface mounting (SMT) and manual assembly, will not be affected by this. Neither will the operation that includes sales and design services of LED modules and related lighting systems.

The possibilities to customize and control the light source are large when using LED technology. The demand for customized light sources and related systems increase continuously, a demand that Aluwave meets with its offering of design services and production of LED systems.

About Aluwave:
Aluwave is a Swedish, fast-growing company that provides unique solutions to customers in the lighting industry and industries with specific demands on lighting. We design and produce customized light sources based on LED technology. Our deliveries often include optics, mechanic accessories and software for lighting control. The company has a background in cooling of electronics and we know thermal management, something that is vital in LED solutions. Our customers are vendors in general lighting, street lighting and vehicle lighting as well as industries involved in innovative projects.

For more information, visit our homepage: www.aluwave.com and twitter: http://twitter.com/Aluwave


Jonas Stålhandske, CEO - Aluwave
+46 70 38 00 838

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