ITW Lumex 2-high SMD LED PCB indicators replace thru-hole PCB indicators at lower assembly cost

Nov. 7, 2014
ITW ECS Lumex announces their 2 High Right Angle Surface Mount PCB Indicator, an industry first SMD LED PCB Indicator with the same performance as a thru-hole PCB Indicator at up to 25% lower assembly costs.

Product Features:
-Same package size as thru-hole device
-SMD assembly
-Tape reel packaging
-All standard color combinations
-Custom solutions
-Increased intensity of 50% compared to alternative technology

-Minimize re-design of the equipment
-Offers assembly savings of up to 25%
-Easy mounting with pick and place process
-Colors available in red, green, yellow, & blue for added display variety
-Tailored to meet your specific requirements and applications
-Greater visibility and clarity


-Portable medical equipment and diagnostics
-Server Networks

Part Number: SMF-LX240 Series


Leslie Narunatvanich, Marketing Coordinator - ITW ECS Lumex

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