Lighting Services Inc's LumeLEX 2030 spotlight is powered by Xicato XTM LED module

Nov. 12, 2014
Powered by the new Xicato XTM module (up to 14 watts), the petite LumeLEX 2030 Series fixture now features approximately 2 1/2 times the previous output, choice of beam spread, dimming capability, and best of all..... a lower price! This elegant, stem mounted LED spotlight has a discreetly hidden driver, making it just as small as a traditional low voltage halogen source.

Based on the latest in Remote Corrected Cold Phosphor Technology by Xicato, the LumeLEX 2030 Series has the highest Color Rendering Index of any LED on the market today while producing the most consistent, highest quality white light and maintaining extremely tight color control (within 2 MacAdam ellipses, vs. the NEMA standard of 7). The LumeLEX 2030 Series can be specified with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) of: 98 (high) or 83 (standard) as well as a choice of color temperatures: 2700K (warm white) or 3000K (neutral white).

To ensure the fixture remains focused, the LumeLEX 2030 Series features a locking stem for horizontal and vertical planes as well as a snap-out accessory cartridge with integral cross baffle. The accessory cartridge accepts up to two accessories at any one time, including louvers, glass color filters, spread lenses, light blocking screens and highly efficient thin films for shaping the light. 15 or 40 degree beam spread optic included with fixture.


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