Polytec announces Latab's high-brightness LED panel light for machine-vision

Nov. 12, 2014

LATAB, the Swedish manufacturer of LED lighting for machine vision, presents a new LED light. The panel light is part of a series of high-brightness lighting heads for large working distances. Standard LED lighting is usually used for maximum working distances of 30 centimeters. The required brightness is frequently not achieved at greater distances, which is why Polytec has developed a new light which can be used with far less reliance on ambient light.

The lighting head is equipped with 12 high-power LEDs and a reflector which focusses the light on a rectangular field. In practice the light has proven to be ideal to illuminate compact pallets. It measures 179 x 86 x 50 millimeters. Fixing holes are integrated into the cooling profile so that no separate bracket is required. In practice it is possible to achieve working distances of 1 to 1.5 meters without difficulty. The available light colors are red, white, blue and green. Every LATAB light consists of a lighting head and a continuous mode controller or strobe mode controller which can be equipped optionally with a top-hat rail adapter for simple installation in switch cabinets. The supply voltage is 24 volts. The light is switched with voltage of between 5 and 24 volts. The light is equipped for continuous operation but can also be operated in switched or stroboscope mode. http://www.latab.net/rectangular


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