Moodifier releases IP-network-connected LED driver and slave devices for solid-state lighting control

Nov. 12, 2014
Precision, flexibility & scalability.
The Moodifier Constant Current Driver & slave units are two new IP network connected LED drivers for constant current powered LED lighting. Together with the accompanying Moodifier software they open up new possibilities in LED lighting control.
The Moodifier Constant Current Driver and optional add-on Slave unit controls and powers all types of LED lights that are compatible with 350mA constant current.
The Moodifier Constant Current Driver can power up to 72W on 6 individually controlled LED channels and if you need more than 6 channels or more power you can attach a Moodifier Constant Current (or Constant Voltage) Slave unit to get another 6 individually controlled LED channels and double the power output to 144W.

Lighting control with style.
The Moodifier Constant Current Driver & Slave units lets you dim and turn your lights on and off in a traditional way with standard wall switches, but you can also connect the device directly to your IP network and gain access to new opportunities in lighting control. By connecting the Moodifier Constant Current Driver to an IP network, you can easily create your own light scenes and control the lighting from computers, mobile phones and other networked devices, from anywhere. With the Moodifier application it is easy to create your own light scenes, schedule your lighting and make lighting blend together with music, TV, movies, games and other digital media.

Blisteringly fast, flicker-free and accurate.
The Moodifier Constant Current Driver & Slave controls your lighting blistering fast and with perfect accuracy. Dimming is done through pulse width modulation with adjustable frequency between 480Hz and 4.8 kHz which gives a flicker-free and perfect light output with smooth dimming regardless if light intensity is 1% or 100%. The brightness of each LED channel can be changed at a rate of 100 times per second, allowing for amazing light shows and effects.

Easy installation.
Plugging in Moodifier is simple. Just connect the LED lights to the LED channels on the Moodifier Constant Current Driver or Slave unit, and then connect the 12-24 or 36V DC power supply and the network cable. The Moodifier application will then automatically find the Moodifier Constant Current Driver on the network so that you can set and control your lights. If you want the ability to dim and turn the lights on and off with traditional wall switches you simply connect regular push button wall switches to the push button channels on the Moodifier Constant Current Driver.

The user friendly Moodifier software is available as a free download for Mac, Win, iPhone, iPad, and Android.

Moodifier is an innovative and environmentally friendly IP-connected lighting control system that utilizes the latest innovations in LED and IT technology to deliver the lighting solution of tomorrow.
It is designed from the ground up for modern LED light sources, Internet and a digital lifestyle and offers unparalleled levels of lighting control, automation and convenience in whole home, or single room lighting applications.
Powered solely by low voltage and/or PoE it also provides substantial environmental benefits over conventional lighting solutions.


Moodifier Limited

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