Sensetechlight offers heat sink kits and complete range of LED lighting products for indoor and outdoor applications

Nov. 25, 2014
SENSETECHLIGHT manufactures a wide selection of heat sinks which provides easy, fast access to thermal cooling solutions for the new generation of LED light sources and makes it easy to build prototypes quickly.

Offering a full range of heat sinks from 10w to 300W, with standard and customized variants which are available in different shapes and sizes. SENSETECHLIGHT offers service and support for customers which includes mechanical design-in services , thermal analysis and manufacturing for ODM and OEM products.

SENSETECHLIGHT offers a variety of Heat Sinks fixture kits and complete lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor applications.

LED Wall Packs - 20w,40w,60w,90w,120w
LED Canopy - 40w,60w,75w,90w
LED High bay - 40w,60w,80w,100w,120w,150w,200w,250w
LED Bulbs - 3w,5w,9w,12w,15w,20w,25w,40w,60w,80w,100w,120w
LED Flood Lights - 20w,40w,60w,80w,100w,120w,200w
LED Super Market Lighting - 20w,25w,30w,35w
LED CFL style Bulbs - 20w,30w,40w
LED Down lights - 20w,30w,60w

SENSETECHLIGHT provides a full line of retrofit kits which makes it easy to replace traditional CFL, incandescent, metal halide and HID lighting fixtures to LED.

For more details on retrofit kits or heat sink solutions contact SENSETECHLIGHT.




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