Yaham Lighting linear LED high bay provides narrow-angle light distribution for high-rack warehouse aisles

Nov. 1, 2014
As a new generation of energy-saving lamps, the LED high bay fixture has became popular in warehouse lighting.

But warehouses with high racks present a big challenge for traditional LED high bays. The aisle between racks needs more concentrated and uniform lighting. Both horizontal and vertical illumination should be considered carefully.

Recently, Yaham Lighting launched a linear LED high bay to meet aisle lighting demands for high rack warehouses. The linear shape and narrow/long light distribution are designed specifically for aisle lighting.

Aluminum reflectors have been used in traditional LED high bays to provide a narrow angle light distribution, but lumen loss comes with this technique. Yaham's LED linear high bay adopts a professional lens with 40/80 degree beam distribution, which is developed for aisle applications. Each beam of light is utilized to illuminate the right place and light waste is reduced 80% compared with traditional LED high bays.

According to simulation, we compared a 180W linear LED high bay with a 200W traditional LED high bay. The result was surprising: The linear LED high bay brings the illumination of 1m reference plane up to 315 lx, while the traditional LED high bay exhibited only 221 lx illumination.

In addition to professional light distribution, a Mean Well power supply and Nichia LED light source ensure high efficiency and reliability.

Thermal management is another feature. A one-piece aluminum heat sink overcomes the thermal barrier of module lamps, bringing a better heat dissipation effect.

A 120 degree baffle with drape surface provides good performance for heat dissipation and anti-glare effect. The installation platform for the driver reduces the influence of heat from the radiator over the power supply, ensuring lifetime.

The rear cover connects with the heat sink through the slot. It’s simple and convenient. The slot design offers an independent electrical cavity for power supply and expansion equipment such as dimming sensing devices.

As a professional lighting solution provider, Yaham Lighting has wide experience in industrial lighting. This linear LED high bay is aiming at providing a more professional and more intelligent solution for warehouse lighting.


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