The Cyber Monday Weekend Sale at Solid Apollo LED begins on November 26 to bring huge savings on a large selection of vibrant and energy saving LED Lights.

Nov. 24, 2014
Solid Apollo LED’s Cyber Monday Weekend Sale is here to bring big savings on beautiful energy saving LED lights, ready to add amazing controllable light indoors and outdoors to a variety of projects. From November 26th through December 3rd get 25% off every order, no cost shipping and a complimentary multi-tool with every purchase at Solid Apollo LED. The complimentary multi-tool is small and lightweight and includes a powerful LED light, keychain, knife, bottle opener, flat head screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver.

Solid Apollo LED’s selection of indoor light products are great for adding accent lighting to holiday decorations. “The LED lights we offer cover a large range of projects, from small and intricate with our low voltage light strip that can be cut as short as 2 inches long, to illuminating an entire room in a single color with one of our LED wall washers” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED. Accent lighting can bring new depth and interest to many different projects. Add strip lighting to shelves, book cases or around entertainment centers. The light strips are fully controllable and run on low voltage for immediate energy savings. The light strips can even be placed under garland for a gentle accent light. For wall hanging projects such as pictures or wreaths, mount a piece of strip as small as 2” behind and connect power using transparent wire for subtle lighting. LED lights are great for creating a fresh perspective to older or even outdated decorations.

The variety of colors available can create different moods to a variety of projects, from a gentle candle light glow when lighting up old glass bottles, to an exciting and enjoyable color changing light show for each of the stockings hanging from the mantelpiece. For a simple solution to quickly add LED lights, Solid Apollo LED introduced a new category called Easy LED Kits which includes every part required from plug to light. Choose from the most popular flexible strip lights, modular light bars, or low profile round Moon LED lights with all the required accessories to safely install and enjoy LED lights.

The strip lights come in several brightness levels and color options, from multiple white colors, to color changing RGB options where the lights can be fine-tuned to a single color, or set to play one of several built-in color changing options. The LED Light Bar Kits are a great option for quickly installing and enjoying LED lighting in an easy to mount modular design. The durable bar material protects the LED lights and are easy to clean, so adding undercabinet lighting or task lighting in the kitchen, or in the closet or pantry, is quick and easy to do. The Moon LED Light Kits have been created to bring incredibly low profile accent and guide lighting to any location. Each Moon LED is designed with an incredibly strong lens and frame for up to 400 pounds of walkover pressure. The Moon LED’s are great for adding light to stairwells, floors, walls, walkways, bathrooms and more. The Easy LED Kits make enjoying LED lights easier than ever with every part from plug to light.

LED lights are also great for outdoor lighting projects, whether permanently illuminating the deck, or for seasonal decorations, the beautiful colors and energy savings are easy to enjoy. LED lights can be used to light up entrance ways to make a great impression for holiday visitors. Add light strip under rails, along pathways, and under the lip of steps, for elegant accent lighting that also brings and an added measure of safety. The LED light strips can be used in long lengths for outdoor soffits, and the low voltage strip can be cut in lengths as short as four inches and can be used behind hanging wall décor, or around planter bases and planter boxes for a beautiful glow.

Solid Apollo LED recently introduced a new category called Shop by Project, where application specific products have been hand selected for a variety of projects. Select from undercabinet lighting, deck and patio lighting, retail lighting and more. The range of products have been chosen to ensure the correct light is used for the right application. Each project section also includes further information on the advantages of using LED lights.

Look to Solid Apollo LED for big savings this Cyber Monday Weekend from November 26th through December 3rd. 25% off every purchase, no cost shipping and a complimentary multi-tool comes around only once a year on a variety of beautiful energy saving LED lights.

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