PhotonStar LED Group begins shipping HalcyonPro smart wireless lighting systems for commercial lighting applications

Nov. 13, 2014

PhotonStar LED Group plc (AIM: PSL, "PhotonStar" or “the Group”), the British designer and manufacturer of smart LED lighting solutions, has commenced shipping of its new professional version of the Halcyon intelligent wireless lighting system, HalcyonPro. The system includes a range of professional lighting products for interior applications such as schools, offices, hotels, hospitals and homes.

HalcyonPro is an “intelligent” circadian wireless lighting system with wireless lamps, fixtures and controllers that use behavioural, environmental and energy data from HalcyonPro wireless sensors or Internet of Things (IoT) devices to intelligently deliver the right light at the right time, whilst gathering valuable data. It is expected that PhotonStar’s HalcyonPro wireless lighting systems will open up new markets and business models for the Group based on circadian, energy saving and new data-centric applications. The system will be formally launched on 19 November 2014 at Lux Live in London, when it has also been shortlisted for the prestigious Lux awards. PhotonStar Chief Executive James McKenzie is presenting at the key Strategies in Light industry conference in Munich this week, where he will demonstrate the market leading features of Halcyon, underpinned by PhotonStar’s core technology. James McKenzie, Chief Executive of PhotonStar, said: “We are delighted to have started shipping our HalcyonPro lighting system. HalcyonPro is the first truly intelligent wireless circadian lighting system that will enable all homes and businesses to afford and practically install better lighting for people’s health, wellbeing and performance. “Most importantly, the unique technology we have developed opens up a number of new and potentially significant business opportunities for the PhotonStar LED group.” About PhotonStar LED Group PLC PhotonStar LED Group plc is a leading British designer and manufacturer of intelligent lighting solutions. The Group's proprietary technology Halcyon is a connected lighting platform that includes hardware and software for wireless, microprocessor controlled retrofit LED lighting and control systems, optimised for energy saving, circadian and data-centric applications. As light is needed wherever there are people, the Halcyon platform can also provide a connected grid that will enable rich data collection, as well as an ecosystem to enable other devices to operate simply and more effectively as part of the so-called Internet of Things. The Group is working with partners on ways of using the Halcyon system to deliver new business models and solutions based on light as a service, behavioural insight and cloud services and with developers of standalone hardware items that will utilise Halcyon’s local IoT infrastructure to optimise their functionality. The Group’s ChromaWhite light source technology within Halcyon is optimised for "Circadian," or non-visual effects of light on humans. The Group is currently working with partners to deliver low-cost lighting solutions that can help improve productivity, health and wellbeing in healthcare facilities, schools, workplaces and homes. The Group also provides fixed white LED lighting products for a range of commercial and architectural applications. PhotonStar comprises two divisions: PhotonStar LED, which works with lighting designers, architects, house builders, facilities management companies and sustainability consultants to provide intelligent, high-end, recyclable LED lighting solutions for the commercial and architectural market which is expected to see rapid adoption of the new Halcyon ecosystem; and PhotonStar Technology which provides LED lighting solutions for specialist applications such as film & television production lighting, UV curing and medical applications. Photonstar has won awards for performance, innovation and reliability, with its flagship light source technology ChromaWhite winning the Lighting Association's 'Light Source of the Year' Award for two consecutive years. The Group was also awarded the UKTI's Business Innovation Award for Energy and Environment in 2010 for a commercial lighting solution with embedded sensors and microprocessor control.


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