Micro Modular System delivers second generation of AT100 COB LED test machine

Feb. 1, 2014
The AT100 test machine is the core of our production line for COB LEDs. It allows a fully automated, in-production optical & electrical test programme for each LED on a substrate or for singulated LEDs. With its modular design, it combines the optical test hardware with process modules, like a camera-based dim test for die evenness, a laser marking for unit ID and more. This design approach also allows easy and economical customisation of the machine and production line to different process steps and production requirements.

The AT100 design offers a wide variety of possible sphere diameters. The units on the substrate are tested separately with the option of a temperature controlled test fixture.

Updates on the system include a new fixture design that shields the substrates securely from environmental influences during the test. A special coating on the substrate fixture further increases the accuracy of the test result.

While the AT100 was fully designed around the conveyor, the newly designed transfer stations allow parallel testing of more LED units and larger substrate sizes. The station is easily adjustable to different substrates for product changes. These transfer stations significantly increase the positioning accuracy for denser substrates and ultimately leads to a large increase in UPH in substrates per hour.

The input and output options include magazines or conveyor for substrates, as well as tubes and trays for units singulated before test. MMS also offers as complement the singulation and sorting machine AB330, in a modular design with further marking and inspection options and the MOL42 degas & curing machine.

We also optimised the tester software UI for the automated production run, with updates on user management, result reporting and programming of test flows.

MMS designs and builds back-end automation solutions for the LED and semiconductor industry since 1997 in Penang, Malaysia. With a significant share of mechanical-, control- and software-design engineers among our 80 employees, we provide complete and fully customised modules, machines or complete production lines. We focus on testers and handlers for LEDs, but also design and build machine tools for singulation and trim & form and automation for assembly processes.


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