TDE-lighttech launches new generation LED spot

Jan. 31, 2014
The Moodspot Tunable White

In response to the increasing demand for atmospheric LED illumination, TDE-lighttech created the innovative Moodspot. The latest LED technology is applied to ensure optimal efficiency and the possibility to create warm colours.

The Moodspot is a high output LED spot who combines two unique features. The colour tone is tunable from neutral white (4000K) to very warm white (1400K) and the Moodspot dims perfectly down to 0%, similar to Halogen lighting. Furthermore it’s equipped with a narrow 80mm lens which creates a very homogeneous light beam. The Moodspot is also available in RGBW and Artist white.

Speaking at the launch of the Moodspot CEO Stefan Mooij said: "We are very proud to announce the release of the Moodspot.
We successfully developed a LED spot that provides all the benefits LED has to offer, without making any concessions regarding illumination. With the coming of the Moodspot there is no reason to prefer Halogen lighting above LED lighting."

Specifically designed to illuminate areas in which the right atmosphere is of the utmost importance, TDE-lighttech now offers the Moodspot as lighting solution in your quest for the right ambience.

- Tunable from 4000K to 1400K
- Also available in Artist white and RGBW
- High CRI greater than 87 (greater than 97 Artist white)
- Good colour consistency (2.5 McAdam ellipses)
- Special narrow optics
- Control through DMX512
- High lumen output
- Adjustable downlight
- Designed to last over 50.000 hours
- 24VDC, 17W Tunable white / 30W RGBW

- Recreation: Theatres, museums, galleries, cinemas
- Hospitality: Lobbies, reception areas, bars, restaurants

About TDE
TDE-lighttech is a Dutch developer, manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting.
Specialised in turning bold and cutting edge ideas into reality through custom made solutions, TDE-lighttech represents durable, reliable and innovative products. The company provides a full range of indoor lighting products serving the commercial, architectural and hospitality sector.

For more information on the Moodspot or other innovative products please visit or call +31(0)20-6973849.


Stephan Krijn
Marketing Communications