Clare HAL LED tester provides power measurement of less than 1000W with a resolution of 200mW

Jan. 21, 2014
LED manufacturers can take advantage of the most advanced low power multi-function tester available, which provides power measurement of less than 1000W with a resolution of 200mW.

The new HAL LED from Clare ( delivers better resolution at low power to offer greater control of the output of products under test, ensuring improved accuracy and quality control standards during manufacturing.

The availability of the HAL LED comes at a time of emphasis on climate change, with companies focused on sourcing ‘greener’ alternatives. For manufacturers the challenge is to ensure that they are producing product that performs as efficiently as possible.

Improved resolution at lower power allows a manufacturer to ensure that the quality control aspect of a functional test is within acceptable limits and the product is shipped with the knowledge that it is as efficient as expected.

Using the HAL LED, manufacturers can complete end of line tests with the additional benefit of full functionality testing of the operation of the equipment. It also enables users to meet the safety compliance requirements for the majority of standards BS EN 60598 which covers the safety of lighting equipment such as lamp holders, lights and fluorescent lights.

The latest HAL series variant meets the requirements of national and international safety legislation, including the Low voltage Directive (LVD), and provides power/leakage, AC/DC Hipot (FLASH/Dielectric Strength), insulation and ground/earth bond test capability to ensure products are safety tested during design and manufacture.

This ensures consistent quality control throughout the production process and that products are safe to use once they leave the factory gates.

The HAL LED combines the performance of a multi-function production line safety tester with load and power factor measurement for product energy consumption and ratings assessments. The tester can be fully integrated into automated manufacturing systems with selectable sensors and enclosure interlocks, or by ultimate control using remote PCs and PLCs.

A large, clear full graphic display presents information either in a numerical or analogue format and a powerful internal memory allows the storage of up to 6,000 test results and up to 50 configurable test routines. The instrument can also be interfaced with a variety of accessories ranging from bar code scanners to pass/fail label printers.

The HAL LED meets all of the requirements of the various British and European standards in relation to high voltage testing and incorporates fully isolated high voltage outputs to ensure the highest levels of operator safety.

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