Xicato relocates for expanded LED light module manufacturing

Jan. 9, 2014
Company more than doubles its space to accommodate new LED light module manufacturing line in Silicon Valley

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA - Xicato, a leading developer of superior light quality from LED modules, announced today that it has relocated its San Jose headquarters to accommodate a new manufacturing line for the company's next generation of products. The new 24 thousand-square-foot space is more than double the size of Xicato's previous San Jose facility. The privately held company has invested millions of dollars in equipment and resources to meet the increasing global demand for its LED modules.

"Investment in our U.S. operations enables Xicato to rapidly develop and introduce innovative technologies and products for the global lighting industry and starting next month we will transition to full manufacturing mode," said Menko de Roos, CEO of Xicato. "Our move timeframe was very short, and it was critical that the build-out and permitting went smoothly and matched our equipment arrival schedule. The City of San Jose's appointment-based permitting process worked well and allowed us to meet critical milestones and get our operations up and running."

Xicato's new space includes areas for manufacturing, research and development labs and testing facilities for its LED modules. Class 100K cleanroom space is dedicated to a new manufacturing line; expanded reliability testing labs ensure product longevity and quality.

Xicato's focus continues to be the delivery of quality light. The new manufacturing facility allows Xicato's next generation of products to offer significantly improved efficiency to reduce energy use and costs, lowers the cost of Xicato's modules and ushers in a new era of intelligent lighting - Lighting 2.0.

Hundreds of luminaires and applications ranging from retail shops to bars and restaurants, to homes, offices and retail locations can be viewed in Xicato's web galleries on the company's website. Lighting designers, interior designers and others achieve their desired emotional impact using three different light types created by the company.
- Standard Series light provides a smooth spectrum of light that feels natural and superior to ceramic metal halide and fluorescent lamps..
- Artist Series light is indistinguishable from halogen-based light and gives Artist Series light an even richer feel compared to other sources.
- Vibrant Series light brings out vivid, saturated colors and the details of texture for compelling and eye-catching visuals that capture and hold consumers' attention.

The company's new address is 101 Daggett Drive, San Jose, CA 95134, USA.

About Xicato
Xicato is changing the way the world sees and experiences light. We believe that with better light, shoppers will buy more, diners will order more and guests will be more comfortable and happier with their experiences. In turn, better lighting will contribute to higher sales, margins and brand value. Xicato has engineered new sources of light, Standard, Artist and Vibrant that capture the human preference for experiencing light in different ways and extend the range of choices for the lighting design community. The true value of Xicato light lies in delivering on the aesthetic and economic potential of LEDs: the quality of light, its efficacy and ownership cost for all environments including retail, hotels, restaurants, bars, museums and residences.


Steve Landau, Director of Marketing Communications - Xicato