Articulight launches RDT-3 LED Fresnel luminaire for studio and entertainment lighting

Jan. 6, 2014

Fair Lawn, NJ USA - Articulight, Inc has just released the RDT-3 FRESNEL which is a newly developed LED Fresnel luminaire series designed to replace legacy halogen Fresnel fixtures in the 300w-600w range. The RDT-3 FRESNEL works for you by acting on many advantages over traditional lighting systems. Using Fresnel lens, it offers huge energy efficiency while also maintaining quality in light performance and due to the long lasting nature of LEDs and the efficiency of the driver it also offers low operational and replacement costs. Furthermore, LEDs produce very little to no UV and will come on instantly when turned on. The RDT-3 FRESNEL is modern, bright, cost effective and powerful offering intense, defined light which is ideal for the illumination of displays and general lighting applications. Due to lower carbon consumption, the RDT-3 also offers complete compliance with local authorities which is extremely important in today’s world of complicated compliance regulations. The RDT-3 FRESNEL series offers 45w, 70w and 100w, DMX and non DMX as well as a variety of color temperatures (warm white, natural white and cool white), 36° and 60° all designed to meet the user’s requirements. The RDT-3 FRESNEL is suitable for studio lighting, photography, TV Interview lighting, stage, galleries, museums, shops, displays, trade shows and exhibits just to name a few.

Features and Benefits
• Reduced energy consumption and operating costs by up to 80%
• Smooth, soft and even light coverage
• Silent operation, no fans
• Smart heat management
• Cool light - No UV or IR, environmental friendly
• Aluminum base, fully recyclable, no hazardous materials
• Easy installation and no maintenance cost for years
• Fresnel system for smooth even light
• Variety of color temperatures: 2700K, 3000K, 4000K and 5000K
• Barn doors and mounting bracket
• LED COB (Chip-On-Board) by Citizen
• DMX and non-DMX versions
• Dimming either through DMX or mains
• High lumens output: 4700-9300
• High CRI: 80-90


Articulight, Inc