Osram Sylvania reports Energy Star qualification of A-line LED replacements for 40/ 60W incandescent bulbs

Jan. 8, 2014
North American lighting leader OSRAM SYLVANIA announced the SYLVANIA A-line low cost line-up of LED replacements for 40 and 60-watt incandescent bulbs now meet the strict energy efficiency and performance criteria established by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)'s ENERGY STAR program. With ENERGY STAR qualifications, SYLVANIA A-line low cost LED bulbs are now eligible for utility rebates. Approximately 94 percent of the more than 500 rebate programs available across the U.S. require products with ENERGY STAR, making SYLVANIA A-line low cost LED bulbs more affordable to consumers and resulting in price points under $9.99.

SYLVANIA A-line low cost LED bulbs offer a long-life, energy-efficient alternative to traditional lighting sources such as incandescent, halogen and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Featuring the familiar shape of incandescent light sources, SYLVANIA A-line low cost LED bulbs provide up to 85 percent energy savings over traditional incandescent bulbs.

"Saving energy and reducing electricity bills is a challenge for many consumers," Ellen Sizemore, product portfolio manager LED lamps, OSRAM SYLVANIA. "The U.S. Energy Independence and Security Act is mandating the phase-out of traditional, less efficient incandescent bulbs. We're continuing to build on our innovative lighting portfolio with solutions to meet these legislation requirements and consumer needs. Our SYLVANIA A-line low cost LED bulbs are an ENERGY STAR qualified, affordable option that allows consumers to save energy and cut down on bills, without sacrificing quality and quantity of light."

SYLVANIA A-line LED bulbs have a rated life of 25,000 hours and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent light sources. In a typical home, with lights in use three hours a day, that 25,000 hours translates to nearly 23 years. The SYLVANIA A-line LED bulbs are designed for use in table lamps, downlights, pendant fixtures and wall sconces. SYLVANIA A-line LED bulbs feature no warm-up time, instant-on with full light output and stable color. The products contain no mercury, lead or other hazardous materials.

SYLVANIA A-line LED bulbs are available now for purchase at Retailers and through Industrial Commercial Distribution. For more information about the ENERGY STAR qualified SYLVANIA LED A-Line bulbs and other sustainable lighting solutions from OSRAM SYLVANIA, please visit www.sylvania.com.

OSRAM SYLVANIA is a leader in lighting solutions and services, specializing in innovative design and energy saving technology. The company sells products for homes, businesses and vehicles primarily under the SYLVANIA brand name, and also under the OSRAM brand. Headquartered in Danvers, Mass., OSRAM SYLVANIA is the North American operation of OSRAM GmbH. For more information, visit www.sylvania.com or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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