Obelux LED aviation lights bring safety and reduce disturbance at wind farm

Jan. 24, 2014
Aviation Lights Changed Color at Wind Farm in Ristivuori, Finland

White flashing aviation lights, on a wind farm in Ristivuori, Finland, have disturbed the local neighbors, particularly at night. Puhuri Oy, the owner of the wind farm, decided to change the lights to more
environmental friendly solution. The new lights were delivered by Obelux Oy, Finnish LED aviation light manufacturer.

White flashing lights on six wind turbines have annoyed locals in Ristivuori region at nights. The owner, Puhuri Oy, wanted to react on these complaints and took advantage of the revised aviation light regulation published by the Finnish civil aviation authority. “We agreed with the locals that white flashing lights are obvious inconvenience at night and wanted to do something about it”, says Technical Specialist Timo Annola at Puhuri Oy.

Puhuri Oy invested time and resources to analyze a more environmental friendly aviation light solution to be implemented at Ristivuori. “We were pleased to notice that the new legislation in 2013 gave flexibility for the aviation light marking which allowed us to use red steady lights instead of white flashing at night”, says Annola.

New environmental friendly aviation lights were supplied by Obelux Oy, an experienced aviation light manufacturer from Finland. In addition to the change of the color, the lights meet infrared requirement stated by the authority. Pilots, such as in rescue helicopters, using Night Vision Goggles (NVG) aren’t able to detect standard LED warning lights properly. “Obelux LED lights can be incorporated with an infrared wavelength which make them fully NVG compatible lights”, says Export Manager Tapio Kallonen at Obelux Oy.

New regulation demands also intermediary low-intensity red lights on the tower. This required some additional planning as turbine manufacturers don’t allow to drill holes on the existing towers. The intermediary lights were finally installed by using both magnets and professional glue to fix the lights on the height of 70m above the ground level. The power cable was installed with the same principle and pulled down to a ground level. The swapping process of the old lights to Obelux was carried out on six turbines, in December 2013. Now, the aviation lights are flashing white at day time and red steady at night. The change compared to the previous system is astonishing. “It is amazing how much the environmental impact of lights has changed for better after putting new lights on top of our turbines”, says Annola.

Obelux Oy is a Finnish LED aviation obstruction light manufacturer. Since 1997 the company has delivered LED based aviation lights to over 50 countries worldwide. Obelux offers a complete aviation light solution for wind parks. Being familiar with both national regulations and extreme weather conditions, Obelux is a reliable and experienced partner for aviation lights.


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