Heico Lighting releases Polyoptik LED module for architectural lighting

Jan. 14, 2014
Saint-Eustache – The Polyoptik™ is a unique and innovative LED module of only 3 inches long meant for the architectural lighting industry that will allow you to fine-tune your lighting design in every detail. It is the only LED module to offer as much in terms of flexibility with such a great quality guarantee.

The Polyoptik™ is a unique North American LED module based on HEICO lighting™‘s patented Contactless LED technology, an ultra-efficient power technology. Indeed, this Class 2 type module provides a uniform illumination with more than 90% energy efficiency and a high CRI. Its Contactless system, its many features and its multiple options allow for a perfect personalization of your luminaire to your application, unheard of in the industry.

This product is offered in many beam angles (20°x20°, 40°x40°, 20°x40°, 180°x180°) and shades of white (3000K and 3500K).

Compatible with the Virgolite™ family modules, the Polyoptik™ modules can be installed alternately, allowing to mix various colors (white, amber, blue, red and green), light intensities and beam angles within a single LED system.

Its small size (3 inches) allows you to decide of the length of your system up to an increment of 3 inches.

The result? Multiple Polyoptik™ perfectly selected for your needs create a HEICO lighting™ Contactless LED system entirely customizable to fit many indoor or outdoor applications.


The Polyoptik™ will enhance many of your applications by highlighting every architectural details. You will be able to use it for gallery/museum lighting, wall washing, wall grazing, accent lighting, display lighting, cove lighting, retail store lighting, office lighting, jewelry store lighting, etc.


- More than 90% efficiency
- Modular design to suit any project
- Patented induction power technology
- No polarity
- Rugged design, LED module is entirely encapsulated (IP67)
- 5-year warranty
- Corrosion-proof
- Designed and manufactured in North America
- Precise beam control

The Polyoptik™ is available now! Contact the agent of your area for more information.
For more information on the Polyoptik™, refer to our website: heicolighting.com

About HEICO lighting™

Since its inception in 1985, HEICO lighting™ is at the forefront of technological innovation. It designs, manufactures and markets lighting products, all from its plant in St-Eustache, Québec and contributes to the realization of remarkable architectural projects.

Determined to create safe, efficient, user-friendly products and to lead the LED revolution, HEICO lighting™ introduced a major breakthrough technology: the world's very first Contactless LED illumination system powered by electromagnetic induction allowing to build your own lighting system in accordance to your needs. We have also developed the FIRST Electrolytic Capacitor FREE solid-state power supply.

HEICO lighting™... dream it. we’ll light it.


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