Ocean Optics launches new website with spectrometer calculation tools

Aug. 26, 2014
Dunedin, Florida, USA -- Ocean Optics has launched a redesigned website at oceanoptics.com. The all new site design helps users more easily navigate through spectroscopy product and educational information with an interactive product selector, spectrometer range and resolution calculator, applications section, measurement techniques section, and a new search function that groups results by type.

The biggest change to the site is the addition of two spectroscopy selection tools unique to Ocean Optics. On the Interactive Product Search users enter wavelength, measurement technique, and features criteria for a list of specific modular spectrometers to fit their application. The tool then allows side by side comparison of up to four products on key parameters including optical resolution, dynamic range and price. The Range and Resolution Calculator determines anticipated spectrometer performance (spectral range and resolution) depending on selection of slit size and grating type. The resulting graph can be printed or captured in multiple image formats for reference and sharing.

The other key parts of the site focus on knowledge and education. As the scope for spectroscopy rapidly expands, new users are investigating how it can be applied. The Applications section provides a catalog of Application Notes, organized by fields of study, which includes sample setups, spectra, images and related product information. The Measurement Techniques section explains key spectroscopy methods such as absorbance and fluorescence. It also provides tips and tricks related to Ocean Optics spectrometers, example setups and answers to frequently asked questions. Finally, the OEM/Custom section offers comprehensive information on working with Ocean Optics' dedicated OEM engineering team to incorporate spectroscopy into a range of instruments.

The site's new search function groups results by type so that users can jump quickly to what they're looking for-whether it's product information, application notes, measurement techniques or FAQs. Other key features are a live chat function for immediate customer support and the ability to request quotes and submit orders.


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