Escatec will exhibit LED and micro manufacturing expertise at LED Professional Symposium

Aug. 29, 2014

Heerbrugg, Switzerland -- ESCATEC, one of Europe's leading providers of contract and manufacturing services, will be on Booth C20 at the LED Professional Symposium and Expo in Bregenz, Austria from 30 September to 2 October 2014 ( The company will be showing a range of products that it has designed and made for customers from around the world. These employ the latest technologies and many years of experience in miniaturized, hi-performance electro-optics for various purposes ranging from light design to professional applications such as medical, artificial vision, measurement, exploration and surveying.

Shown: Custom-designed, miniature, high power RGB integrated LED module with convex lens - assembled in ESCATEC's MOEMS facility in Heerbrugg, Switzerland Key to this capability is ESCATEC's specialised MOEMS (Micro Optic Electronic Manufacturing Services) department that has an ISO Class 7 cleanroom and an ISO Class 5 workspace, equipped for die and wire bonding, alignment and encapsulation, and supporting technologies such as chip-on-board (COB), chip-on-glass (COG), micro-optics, flip-chip, and wafer-level packaging. The ISO Class 7 cleanroom and the ISO Class 5 workspace meet the need for ultra-clean manufacturing for microelectronic and optical assemblies to ensure the highest possible build quality and reliability. Martin Kingdon, ESCATEC's Director of Business Development, commented, "LEDs are increasingly being used in displays and controls for portable equipment and wearable electronics. These can be challenging environments due to the small form factors that can present issues with heat dissipation unless appropriately addressed. Otherwise the LEDs will burn out very quickly and they are usually very difficult to replace especially if potted. Our MOEMS design and micro-manufacturing facility has many man-years of practical experience to draw on to ensure that the devices have long functional lives. Very few EMS companies have invested in MOEMS, giving us an almost unique position in Europe, especially as it is integrated with our world class, contract R&D division that ties directly into our MOEMS facility." ESCATEC The ESCATEC Group provides fully-integrated electronic and mechatronic design and manufacturing solutions to assist customers in achieving success in their market. Its one-stop solutions and best-in-class service enable companies around the world to operate more profitably, sustainably and efficiently. Founded in 1984, its history is full of innovation, which made it a first choice partner for many European and North American OEMs. The Swiss-owned company perfectly blends Swiss business philosophy and attention to quality, precision and detail with the advantage of low-cost, mass-volume manufacturing capabilities in its Asian factories. All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


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