Solid Apollo LED debuts Onyx 2 Zone wireless LED dimmer

Aug. 29, 2014
Are current wall mount LED dimmers too brightly finished, too cumbersome, too yesterday? Look to Solid Apollo LED’s new Onyx 2 Zone In-Wall Wireless LED Dimmer as an elegant modern design ready to bring easy LED control to any surrounding. At night, the LED dimmer has a subtle glow on each of its four buttons, bringing about a futuristic flavor, and the wireless capability significantly reduces installation time. The design has also been created to easily fit U.S. style gang boxes.

The current market for contemporary styled wall mount LED dimmers is limited. Where users desire a dark finish and an extremely subtle design, most current models come in bright colors, without a smooth touch surface, and have a number of graphics preventing a clean design. Even fewer modern LED dimmers come ready to wall mount in U.S. style wall mount shapes.

The Onyx 2 Zone is the polar opposite of current LED dimmers. The extremely subtle Piano Black touch surface and simple on/off buttons have a completely minimalistic and contemporary design. “The Onyx 2 Zone is different – subtle, elegant and wrapped in an ultramodern wall mount shape” stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED, “the wireless connection saves time and energy by requiring no cabling from the wall controller to the LED zones.” The wireless control is perfect for a variety of single color lights, whether indoors or outdoors, or even upstairs or downstairs from the dimmers location.

The Onyx 2 Zone comes with two-zone control for full independent control of two LED light zones. Turn either zone on or off, or choose different brightness levels for each zone from 0% to 100% brightness. The 50 foot wireless range also makes choosing a location easier by not having restriction due to a short wireless range. The Onyx 2 Zone also includes a memory function, which remembers the last brightness setting even if the power goes out.

Look to the new Onyx 2 Zone In-Wall Wireless LED Dimmer as an elegant yet contemporary design to compliment any modern LED lighting project.

Solid Apollo LED also carries a variety of single color LED strip lights, such as the candlelight warm white low voltage strip light, which creates a beautiful white color, similar to the color produced by candle light. This is the softest white available and is excellent for adding LED accent lighting to a variety of indoor locations.

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Michael - Solid Apollo LED