Solid Apollo LED introduces wall-mounted Duet LED Controller for simultaneous control of DMX and RGB-W LED fixtures

Aug. 5, 2014
Solid Apollo LED's new wall mounted Duet DMX & RGB-W LED Controller has been created to control LED light fixtures in three different ways. Users can independently control DMX enabled LED fixtures or non-DMX LED fixtures operating in RGB-W mode, or use both DMX and non-DMX systems simultaneously.

The Duet can be wired directly to any DMX enabled LED lighting fixture, such as LED wall washers and flood lights, or the Duet's wireless capability can be used to control any non-DMX LED lighting fixture using the optional wireless receiver, for color changing LED strips or lights. The simple modern design and budget friendly price make the Duet LED Controller an excellent option for easily color changing LED control.

Currently do-it-yourselfers, architects, lighting designers, and contractors have to use separate systems for projects involving DMX and non-DMX color changing LED lights. Multiple controllers were required for control and extra wiring and increased installation time was necessary. Current DMX controllers have also grown in complexity in recent years and are expensive to purchase and difficult to learn and use. "As more and more LED lighting fixtures require DMX control systems, a need for a lower cost and more user friendly LED controller has become evident," stated Manuel Barquin, CEO of Solid Apollo LED.

The Duet is a budget-friendly LED controller, with a clean contemporary design created to fit all US-style gang boxes. The elegant Ivory White finish and touch sensitive glass has simple and uncluttered controls that can easily be learned. The Duet also has many new exciting functions, such as the ability to control RGB plus white, which is being more extensively used in the market for users to have color when they want it, and white when they need it. The Duet comes with simple touch controls: such as a color wheel for quick color choices, one touch full dimming control, three color and brightness saving options for preferred light settings, and six built in programs for color changing effects for parties and displays.

The Duet DMX & Wireless RGB-W LED Controller is the low cost modern alternative for controlling DMX and non-DMX color changing LED fixtures.

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Michael - Solid Apollo LED

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