Zierick receives UL recognition on SM insulation piercing terminals used for SSL interconnect

Aug. 4, 2014
Zierick Manufacturing Corporation is pleased to announce that it has obtained Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Recognition on its series of Surface Mount Insulation Piercing Terminals.

These connectors can be used in a variety of "Wire-to-Board" applications including Solid State Lighting, Industrial Control and Automotive Electronics. The connectors allow Surface Mount placement and are designed to connect to wires with outside diameters of 0.045" (1.14mm) to 0.130" (3.30mm) sizes -- generally covering wire gauges from 14 to 22AWG. These components are recognized to UL Standard 1977 and contained in File number E361770.

The connectors permit wires to pass-thru after termination giving designers the ability to utilize the parts in daisy chain or string applications. These connectors allow for quick surface mount wire attachment to Integrated Metal Substrate (IMS) applications without the challenges of soldering discrete wire. While these parts have been available for years as standard products; Zierick has added UL Recognition to assist designers in meeting their end products' regulatory requirements.

Specific packaging configurations can be offered to meet customer needs. Zierick offers product in standard EIA Tape and Reel, Bulk and continuous metal strip that can be used with our Surf-Shooter (specialty feeders) that can reduce costs associated with traditional pocket tape packaging.
For information about the specific part numbers included, please visit www.zierick.com, call, email, or write to Zierick Manufacturing Corporation, 131 Radio Circle, Mount Kisco, New York 10549.


Zierick Manufacturing Corporation

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