Representative Bill Brown Sales announces IP65 rating for Heilux LED light sheet-based outdoor emitters

Aug. 7, 2014

Niles, IL -- Bill Brown Sales (BBS), the leading national sales agency in the lighting components industry, announces a major technical breakthrough from Heilux, LLC, one of the innovative component manufacturers it represents. Heilux manufactures LumaFilm LED light sheet and has announced that its specially prepared LS1R outdoor emitters were tested by an independent, NVLAP accredited laboratory and received an IP65 rating. This rating indicates that the UL-recognized light emitters offer total protection against dust and are protected against failure from low pressure water jets and condensation.

The IP Code (or International Protection Rating) was established worldwide to provide accurate information regarding degree of protection against solid objects provided by a specific product. The standard aims to provide users and the technical community with more detailed information than vague marketing terms such as "waterproof." Boyd Corbett, Director of Business Development for Heilux, said, "We are excited that the Heilux technical team has achieved an IP65 rating for LumaFilm. Our customers have requested it and there are a multitude of applications that require a light source that offers greater durability, including industrial, hazardous and exterior areas." Steve Brown of Bill Brown Sales Company commented, "This additional rating of Heilux's outside emitters will allow us to find additional applications for the OEMs we have as our customers. It is a unique capability rarely found with other LED emitters." Bill Brown Sales has been representing leading component manufacturers since 1955,including: A.L.P. Lighting Components, Inc., Adam Metal Products, Bright View Technologies optical diffusers, Espen Technology ballasts, Heilux LED light emitters, Inventronics high reliability LED drivers, Metrolight SmartHID ballasts, Reflek Alzak reflectors, Roytec Industries wire harnesses and assemblies, Tripar metal components, WattStopper fixture integrated occupancy sensors and Wiremaid Lite Gards.


Lisa Dahm, Marketing Communications Manager - Bill Brown Sales (BBS)

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