Electrolube improves operator safety with isocyanate-free resin for electronics assembly

Aug. 1, 2014
Electrolube, the global manufacturer at the forefront of electro-chemicals technology, has developed a clear polyester resin that delivers the high performance of a polyurethane resin without the use of hazardous isocyanates. The flexible encapsulation resin, PE7500, completely eliminates any health risk from isocyanate exposure, proven to cause irritation to the eyes, skin and respiratory system. PE7500 therefore provides a vastly safer environment for operators, whilst also reducing ventilation issues and costs for manufacturers.

Developed specifically to offer high protection in harsh environments, PE7500 is ideal for applications where high humidity or salt mist environments exist. In addition, due to the flexibility and low shore hardness of this material it is ideal for low temperature applications and where easy removal of cured material for rework processes is required. Operating within a temperature range of -70 to +100°C and offering excellent electrical properties, the PE7500 polyester resin provides an innovative solution to low hazard potting and encapsulation applications.

Electrolube's range of solutions include contact lubricants, cleaning solutions, conformal coatings, thermally conductive materials, resins and service and maintenance products. For further information, please visit www.electrolube.com.


Karen L. Harrison, Group Marketing Manager - Electrolube
+44 (0)-1530-419600

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