Forge Europa develops horticulture lighting based on Cree's XP-E Photo Red LED

Aug. 8, 2014
Cree Inc. has introduced a new deep red variant of the XP LED platform, the XP-E Photo Red. The new XP-E Photo Red has a peak wavelength of 650-670nm, with a radiant flux of 300-400mW, making it an ideal LED for use in lighting products designed for horticulture applications as the 660nm wavelength can be used to stimulate plant growth.

"Plant growth using LEDs is an emerging application area with interesting potential" says Ian Dixon, Forge Europa's Sales Director. "As a result of our links with the University of Cambridge, Forge Europa’s design team has first-hand experience in developing inventive LED solutions for horticultural and botanical lighting applications, which are suitable for volume manufacture."
For further information on how Forge Europa can help your business develop an LED based plant growth lighting solution please visit the A-LED section of our website


Forge Europa

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