Astera Lightdrop AX3 LED spotlight offers wireless control for entertainment and events

Aug. 14, 2014
Astera have officially released their latest wireless creation and instalment in the X-Series, the Lightdrop (AX3). The updated and enhanced replacement to the previous Lightdrop (AL3-M) is equipped with many more features and improved capabilities.

This compact and powerful RGBW spotlight improves on its previous model with high-power Cree LEDs and other top-quality components like Samsung batteries and in-built, optional CRMX Wireless DMX by Lumen Radio. The polyamide/polystyrene housing protects and cools the device from its heat-generating, high-powered components, keeping it cool, thus maximising its runtime.

Being twice as bright as the previous Lightdrop, the AX3 is also considered a replacement for other discontinued Astera lights such as the 24W Wireless Spotlight (AL7-L). The AX3 contains a 15W Cree LED chip, with a narrow 13-degree beam angle, which makes it ideal for spotlighting, and the AX3 is also flexible in that it can be used inside light-up furniture with the use of an included diffusor dome.

A substantial advantage over its predecessor is the inclusion of an adjustable bracket, which can be used to mount the fixture to truss structures and to position the fixture at a desired angle. Just like the AL3-M, the AX3 also comes with a magnetic underside for easy attachment to metallic surfaces.

Sebastian Buckle, Sales & Marketing Director at Astera, commented; "The AX3, it excels in its versatility. There are multiple uses for the AX3, and we're sure that customers will find more and more creative uses for it. Already it can act as a down light, a spotlight, a wallwasher, and a source for light-up furniture, but with its superior components, we're sure that it can achieve even more".

Like all of Astera's wireless lights, the AX3 is controllable by the entire range of controllers, plus optionally by Wireless CRMX from Lumen Radio and W-DMX from Wireless Solutions, as well as Astera’s own Wireless DMX Transmitter (ART3), all to a range of 300m. It can be controlled by the recently released AsteraApp, the free software designed to control Astera lights; compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Android 4.0.4 devices or newer.

The AX3 Lightdrop is the second release in the X-Series from Astera, following the SpotMax (AX10) last year. The next addition to this advanced product line is the SpotLite (AX7), which is a replacement for the AL7-XXL, with a release expected in the next few months.

Astera manufactures wireless LED event lighting and is based in Germany. With a complete product range from small and versatile fixtures to larger and more powerful spotlights, revolutionary controllers, various decorative polyethylene objects, and many other accompanying accessories, Astera offers a tailored variety of wireless lighting solutions for event and lighting designers, DJs, wedding organizers, and corporate event management companies.


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