Forge Europa custom-develops LED lighting products with up to 200 lm/W using Cree XLamp XP-L

Aug. 13, 2014
Cree Inc. has introduced a new component XLamp XP-L into their XP family of 3.45mm square LEDs; the first commercially available single-die LED to achieve a breakthrough efficacy of up to 200 lumens per Watt.

XLamp XP-L is a drop-in replacement for existing XP based designs, offering the potential to increase lumen output and efficacy by 20% via a simple change to a bill-of-materials.

The performance gains available through the adoption of XP-L mean that lighting manufacturers can pursue evermore radical and smaller designs, putting energy efficient LED light into more applications than were previously thought possible.

As a designated Cree Solutions Provider Forge Europa are here to help you with the design and manufacture of your XP-L based LED lighting products. Forge Europa has an extensive in-house R&D facility, comprising the necessary tools, technology and expertise necessary to deliver the highest quality LED assemblies. Forge Europa also has the capability to design and manufacture custom designed LED optics that enable for the seamless integration of light engine into the optical system, maximising the efficiency, aesthetic appeal and perceived value of your product. Call Forge Europa today to discuss turning today’s latest product innovation into your competitive edge.


Forge Europa

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