MechaTronix offers ModuLED Pico passive LED cooler for spotlights and downlights up to 1800 lm

March 26, 2014
As an extension to the success of the ModuLED modular LED coolers, MechaTronix developed a new era of passive LED cooling in a diameter of 47 millimeter, named the ModuLED Pico.

The secret of the ModuLED Pico has to be found in the way how the ultimate thermal performance has been reached in this narrow diameter.
The ModuLED Pico has a unique thermal design, based on the ideal balance between creating cooling surface and generating space for free air convection cooling.

Also the visible outer surface is extended to generate extra radiation cooling.
Radiation can account for up to 40% of the total cooling performance in free air convection environments, and mainly depends on the visible surface and the emissivity of the surface.
Even under tilted position of 50 degrees the cooling performance remains almost unchanged what makes the ModuLED Pico the ideal cooling source for tiltable spot and down light designs.

Two new versions are available and focus on the medium LED spot and down light market from 600 to 1.800 lumen.
With a fixed diameter of 47mm and lengths of 50mm and 80mm the ModuLED Pico performs a thermal resistance of respectively 5.2°C/W and 4.2°C/W.

The ModuLED Pico is foreseen from a variety of standard mounting patterns for all the newest generation LED modules and COBs
In this way lighting designers can standardize their designs with a limited number of LED coolers
Following mounting patterns are standard foreseen for mounting with self-tapping screws:

Bridgelux ES star, ES rectangle, V-series, Vero 10, Vero 13, Vero 18
Citizen Citiled CLL022, CLU024, CLL032, CLU034 COBs
Edison Opto Edilex SLM, Edipower II HM/HR/HS/HV/SD COBs
LG Innotek LEMW 10/13/17/24W COBs
Osram Prevaled CORE & CORE AC
Osram OS Soleriq S13
Philips Fortimo SLM
Philips Lumileds Luxeon COB’s 1203/1204/1205/1208
Prolight Opto PACB, PANA, PABA COBs
Tridonic Talexx Stark SLE & SLE Mini
Vossloh Schwabe Luga Shop
Xicato XSM, XIM and XTM spot light modules
All Zhaga book 3 led modules mounted with a led holder

Just mechanical compatibility is of course not sufficient, so a thermal validation will be necessary on the combination of the LED module/COB and the cooler.
Either the application engineers from our brand partners above or our LED design team is at your service if you need assistance on thermal compatibility.

Full details of the ModuLED Pico LED coolers can be found on
Samples and stock are available through our worldwide distribution network