PlanLED names Dr. Steven W. Lockley to advisory board

March 4, 2014
PlanLED, which offers both expert design plans and the latest in tunable LED products that provide optimized science-based lighting applications, announced that Dr. Steven Lockley has joined the company’s Board of Advisors as the chair of the technical advisory board. Lockley joins other lighting industry experts in supporting PlanLED’s mission to deliver its timely message and growing portfolio of human centric lighting solutions to North America.
Lockley said, “This is a very exciting time for lighting as we learn more about the benefits that a human centric approach can bring. Increased understanding about how light affects our alertness, safety and productivity is emerging at the same time as major advances in lighting technology, inspiring lighting solutions that have never been possible before”. He concluded, “We are at the start of a new era in lighting and I look forward to working with PlanLED to realize its vision for setting a new standard for the light that we live by”.
PlanLED’s CEO John Hwang said, “We are excited to welcome Dr. Lockley to our distinguished team of advisors. Our collaboration will deliver the most advanced corporate lighting program in history. Research-applied solutions will transform the corporate lighting environment, delivering productivity enhancement, absenteeism reduction and long-term health benefits for employees.”
PlanLED’s Advisory Board members, among others, include Robert J. Dupuy, IALD, LC Associate Principal, Lighting Studio Team Leader, Interface Engineering, Eunice Noell-Waggoner, founder of the Center of Design for an Aging Society and Jason Mclennan, founder of the Living Building Challenge and Ecotone Publishing.
The announcement comes as PlanLED pioneers the human centric lighting market that has substantial sustainability and humanitarian benefits. The company’s services and suite of LED products can reduce facilities’ electrical lighting costs by up to 80% while simultaneously improving visual performance, alertness, productivity and safety.
PlanLED’s clients include multiple fortune 500 companies & professional sports teams.
About Steven Lockley, Ph.D.
Steven W. Lockley is a renowned circadian rhythms and light researcher. He is an Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School and a Neuroscientist at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston. He has affiliations with several universities and medical institutes worldwide including Monash University, Australia and the Clinical Sciences Research Institute at Warwick Medical School, UK.
Dr. Lockley leads the Circadian Physiology Program that focuses on basic and applied aspects of human circadian biology. His team’s translational approach includes use of a range of techniques including epidemiology, field-based physiological studies and inpatient intensive physiological monitoring. He has a particular interest in human circadian photoreception and the effects of light on the circadian pacemaker and other non-image forming responses. His studies include investigations of the effects of timing, duration, intensity and wavelength of light exposure on circadian resetting, melatonin suppression and the acute alerting effects of light.
With the Harvard Work Hours Health and Safety Group, he assesses the impact of extended work hours and shiftwork on health and safety of workers and the public. Their studies include the development of interventions that reduce extended duration work hours, fatigue and medical errors in hospital residents, and the implementation of large-scale occupational fatigue management and sleep disorders screening programs in police forces and fire departments nationwide.


John Park, Project Manager - PLANLED

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