LEDtronics offers replacement LED lamps for incandescent panel-mount lamps

March 4, 2014

Torrance, Calif. -- LEDtronics, Inc., adds a new Utilities LED Panel light to its PNL-1145 Series. These short thread body LED panel mount lamps only consume a half watt of power and replace incandescent high voltage panel indicators, such as GE ET5, ET6. They are designed to go in panels found in Transmission Station Control Panels, Control Rooms, Sub-Station control rooms of power plants and utilities.

These energy-efficient and long-lived LED illuminators feature a fixed LED and removable transparent lens, a threaded metal shaft, and adjustable nuts and washers that enable the lamp to be front-mounted or rear-mounted in panels up to 1.10 inches thick with an Mtg Dia of 16mm (0.63"). Additionally, 13-inch, 22-gage wire leads are provided for screw or soldered connections.

The PNL-1145 series LED Panel Lights are designed with integrated series resistor to prevent short-circuiting; special fuses are unnecessary. They are also designed with a Bipolar Polarity circuitry to expedite integration into the electrical system. PNL-1145 LED lamps are available in 110~125 VAC or 120~140 VDC voltage ranges. LED light colors offered are 520nm Aqua Green (PNL-1145-013) and 637nm Super Red (PNL-1145-011). Utility monitors, industrial designers and maintenance departments will find these lights to be excellent solutions for maintenance-intensive and critical-process applications.

With an average life span of 100,000-plus hours (11 years), LEDs operate reliably year after year. Solid-state design renders LEDs impervious to electrical and mechanical shock, vibration, frequent on-and-off switching and environmental fluctuation. Integrated current-limited resistors prevent short-circuiting. LED lamps use only 10% - 20% of the energy consumed by equivalent incandescent lamps that, when combined with their maintenance-free operation, results in substantial cost savings.

Prices for PNL-1145 Series LED Lamps are $28.45 each, depending on quantity. Availability is stock to 4-6 weeks for special requirements.

For additional information, contact LEDtronics toll free at 1-800-579-4875, telephone 310-534-1505, fax at 310-534-1424, email us at [email protected] or postal mail at LEDtronics, Inc., 23105 Kashiwa Court, Torrance, CA 90505; or visit our website at LEDtronics.com.

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