PAM-XIAMEN expands production to 4-in. blue LED wafers in anticipation of backlighting demand

March 17, 2014
Anticipating exploding demand for blue LED chips, Xiamen Powerway Advanced Material Co.,Ltd. (PAM-XIAMEN) shift a GaN LED production line from the current 2-inch-wafer-based operation to 4-inch-wafer facilities within a couple of years.

"We have established the production process based on 4-inch patterned sapphire substrates for blue LED chip application, which is a big advantage for us," said Shaka, CTO of the company.

PAM-XIAMEN expects demand for white LED chips for LCD TV backlight applications to swell from 2010 onward and demand for lighting to explode from 2013. There are three ways to create white light from LEDs: combine red, green and blue LEDs, combine ultraviolet LED and fluorescent substances, or combine blue LED and yellow fluorescent material. This last combination is currently the most popular for white LEDs.

The company intends to establish advantageous production technology and capacity to meet the coming demand.

Blue LED is the main white source for backlight and general lighting. PAM-XIAMEN developed high-quality GaN substrates and GaN template by using HVPE and GaN removing (GaN free) technology. It will greatly enhance the light output efficiency and reliability.of device operation, and keep the leadership in LED technology.

PAM-XIAMEN is producing 300 million blue LED chips per month at its Chiba plant. It developed a proprietary process for blue/white LED fabrication, named the "Hybrid PPD process." The process combines the conventional metal organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) process and PAM-XIAMEN process for growing nitride-based semiconductor crystals.

PAM-XIAMEN was one of the main manufacturer to use 4-inch sapphire substrates for a mass-production line.


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