S+H's Glux high-definition LED display used at Portsmouth Guildhall event

March 20, 2014
S+H Technical Support’s new Glux 3.9 mm hi definition LED screen was recently used to great effect on an event at The Portsmouth Guildhall in the UK which was produced by Sounds Commercial for Affinion International -- a global leader in customer engagement and loyalty solutions.
The event’s technical production was designed by Sounds Commercial’s Head of Production Design, Matt Willsteed. The company, headquartered in Bristol, owns a large amount of equipment and rents in specialist elements as required for specific projects.
For one, Willsteed explains, the requirement was for a very high definition screen at the back of the stage to project a variety of content and IMAG images. The newly delivered S+H product came on-stream just at the right time for them to be able to replace the projection system used on previous events for this client.
Part of the design concept and theming was ‘Festival of Colours’ which ideally lent itself to an LED screen which could be used as a large and very colourful lightsource as well as to display detailed images and crisp graphics.
He also chose the Glux 3.9 mm because it is very light weight, which enabled them to fly a 5.5 metre wide by 3 metre high screen on a MILOS ground support roof system flown in under the venue’s in house trusses for the event.
The physical dimensions of each Glux 3.9 panel is a handy 500 x 500 mm at 45 mm deep, offering an impressively light weight of just 3Kg each or 12Kgs per square metre, making it one of the lightest HD LED screens currently on the market.
“It was stunning,” declares Willsteed. In fact, the screen impressed them and their clients so much that they have decided never to go back to the previous projection system! Content displayed on the screen was replayed from various laptops, and camera relays were also fed into the system and output to screen. The screen was rigged by two S+H crew who did a “Fantastic” job states Willsteed.
Sounds Commercial has rented 12 mm and 8 mm LED screens from S+H before as well as both LED and Pea-light starcloths and their video floor product. “Excellent equipment, hire service and technical support,” cites Willsteed as the reason he keeps returning to the company who are based in Ilfracombe, Devon, and specialize in drapes, soft goods, LED and special effects products for all areas of the entertainment industry.
The Affinion event’s production generally and the 3.9 mm Glux screen in particular was a huge success for Sounds Commercial, and on the back of this, Willsteed has designed several more events utilizing the screen, “Which is now helping us to win more business”.
S+H Technical’s MD Terry Murtha comments, “We only took delivery of the first 100 square metres of the new Glux in January, since when it’s been constantly busy on this and other jobs... and everyone seems to be really happy! It’s our policy at S+H to keep at the forefront of new, innovative and specialist products and we will be expanding our stocks of 3.9mm LED in the very near future”.

Photos Courtesy of Sounds Commercial


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