Dutch theatre is refurbished with TDE-lighttech's LED Moodspot that dims to 0%

March 7, 2014
Theatre de Vest in Alkmaar, the Netherlands, was about to undergo a complete refurbishment and in need of a lighting fixture that would make this theatre stand out. When Martin Lursen, the technical manager at Theatre de Vest, came across the Moodspot, he instantly knew this was the LED spot that could take Theatre de Vest to the next level.

"The Moodspot is the first LED spot that can dim all the way down to 0% and has a colour temperature that shifts from 4000K-1400K. These features give me endless options and allow me to create any mood I want," explains Lursen. "After the renovation numerous colleagues expressed their admiration for choosing the Moodspot as general lighting in our main theatre hall."

Above the theatre hall 56 pendant versions of the Moodspot are installed as general lighting. Each row of 8 Moodspots is powered with a 240W power supply. They are directly driven via DMX512, addressed separately and controlled in two-channel mode.
The intensity and colour tone can be controlled separately for each row, enabling the Moodspots to create a multitude of moods. The luminosity in the centre of the theatre hall is measured at an average of 150 lux at a colour temperature of 3000K.

About Theatre de Vest
Theatre de Vest is primarily known for the performing arts that are staged within its walls. In addition to theatre, dance and music, de Vest also offers a special stage for the visual arts. With its various halls, modern design and its unique location, Theatre de Vest is an attractive location for hosting small or big events. The theatre has several halls, a modern building and hosts small and big events. In two theatre halls an infrared sound system is installed for the hearing impaired.

About TDE
TDE-lighttech is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of LED lighting.Specialised in turning bold and cutting edge ideas into reality through custom made solutions, TDE-lighttech represents durable, reliable and innovative products. The company provides a full range of indoor lighting products serving the commercial, architectural and hospitality sector.


Stephan Krijn, marketing & communications - TDE-lighttech