Juno Lighting Group releases Indy architectural recessed LED ceiling troffers

March 10, 2014

New Indy Architectural Recessed Troffers from Juno Lighting Group Transform Commercial Ceilings with New Designs, Industry-Leading Performance

DES PLAINES, Ill. -- Juno Lighting Group®, a leader in high-quality, commercial and residential lighting solutions, announced the expansion of its Indy™ Architectural Recessed LED Troffers. Equipped with a broad offering of new, sleek and attractive designs to upgrade the appearance of commercial spaces such as offices, hospitals, schools, data centers and retail applications, the new Indy 2x2, 2x4, and 1x4 Architectural Recessed LED Troffers are available in three family styles with numerous features and optical options. Highly efficient, these attractive luminaires require only 36 input watts to provide an industry-leading 115 lumens per watt, are over 40 percent more energy efficient when compared to equivalent fluorescent fixtures, and deliver a remarkably long service life of 50,000 hours.

Key highlights of each style of luminaire include:
- Indy Lay-in Style LED Luminaires (2x2 and 2x4): These luminaires feature two optic styles including the unique “illusion” model that creates a kaleidoscopic light effect on the lens surface as the viewing angle changes.
- Indy Basket Style LED Luminaires (1x4, 2x2 and 2x4): The Basket Style luminaires provide indirect, low glare, ultra-efficient illumination and are available in optic styles that include a white perforated or opal diffuser design that uniformly distributes light at floor level, while emitting a pleasant glow.
- Indy Pan Style LED Luminaires (2x2): The Indy 2x2 Parabolic luminaire offers high-quality, uniform illumination, and features regressed LEDs for a low-glare, quiet ceiling look. The Ziggurat architectural luminaire offers the appeal of a higher ceiling with its unique, regressed pyramid style, providing a low-glare system with uniform illumination and a unique aesthetic.

The Indy Architectural Recessed LED Troffers are compatible with lighting controls for optimal energy savings up to 70 percent, can be used with daylight harvesting technology and/or occupancy sensors, and come standard with 0-10 volt dimming drivers that smoothly dim down to 10 percent. In addition, the luminaires offer compatibility with Daintree's ControlScope™ wireless control solutions, enabling building managers and maintenance professionals to implement powerful energy-saving control strategies which include scheduling occupancy, daylighting, task tuning, lumen maintenance and load shedding.

The new luminaires exceed the standards for the DesignLights Consortium® Qualified Products List, which signifies that the fixtures are of high quality, performance and provide energy efficiency to the commercial sector.

The new Indy Architectural Recessed LED Troffers are currently available through Juno Lighting Group distributors. For more information about each of the new fixtures, please visit our website.

About Juno Lighting Group
Founded in 1976, Juno Lighting Group is an industry leader in offering high-quality, energy-efficient commercial and residential lighting solutions. Under the Juno Lighting Group umbrella, the company comprises six product brands: Juno®, Indy™, AccuLite™, Aculux®, NaviLite® and DanaLite. Juno Lighting Group is a Schneider Electric company, a global specialist in energy management.


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